Sunday, 22 March 2009


Well this month circumstances have lead to a well overdue collaboration. With 2 Independent shoots under our belts as a team and a channel FIVE Ident.. (yes, apparently I now do moving image) Me and Lucy Spink are definitely a 'watch this space'.
We've just finished working on "Gossip, and Satan came also" with my favourite team of girls including Portia, Kiera, Felicity and our bessy mate Lynsey. Finishing touches are happening now and hopefully it will be up on channel FIVE within the week!


Well, I managed to shoot at one of the most amazing locations, with 2 gorgeous girls.
Masha T again and Anzhela. Anzhela I shot a while ago too, but I think this year could hopefully be her year. A bit older and a bit wiser, the shots were lovely.

Out in the Independent soon..

Essex Housewife and F*cking Freezing Forest

Out in Essex for a double whammy.. one with Marina J and one with Kiera G at Storm. Must have been the coldest couple of days we could have possibly chosen for these shoots. Marina got the best deal I think with an indoor shoot, Kiera was maybe not so lucky. We only managed to seperate her from her Uggs for one shot and I think I shot that in about 15 seconds. Luckily she doesn't hate me.

Anyway, as well as the coldest, also the funnest. Marina never fails to lighten the mood. Although I think Kenna could have killed her each time she bent over in her wig!

2 totally different shoots...


Well, lots to catch up on if I'm going to make this blog anything worth reading.
There was a TANK shoot a while ago, with gorgeous girl Masha Tyelna, 'the girl with the cosmic eyes'. Pandora and I worked for ages to find the perfect locations for Masha's perfect world. Keep an eye out for the full story in the next TANK.
(out end of March)