Friday, 15 April 2011


OMG.... this is just the best thing I've done in absolutely ages. Finally I get to make a fashion film. SO excited about it. Love it all from the planning to the editing. And there has been a lot of all of the above. Starring Lynsey Pow, my seriously talented, amazing-est, favourite-est actress. Here's one still from one part of the film. Can't bring myself to put more up, as it just might spoil the surprise.. this space...


Our Prague shoot is out, and looking great! Gizelli was so gorgeous!

Photographer Julia Kennedy
Styling  Kavita @ Harper's India
Hair Kenna Kennor
Make up Shama
Model Gizelli Monteiro

Taste of beauty

This is a taster of my latest shoot with Ben Grimes and Emma Maclaren.. so different and so gorgeous in every way. What a lovely day, the sun came out for us. Definitely wasn't expecting to spend the day in the garden in bikinis! 2 of my favouritest girls.

Got my tutti frutti flats!!

And am not taking them off either. You will recognise me wherever I go by these shoes. Love. From the last collection I photographed by Charlotte Olympia.

Way too much going on and love it!

Check out my latest and greatest shoot with my gorgeous Gemma Hayward! Finally uploaded onto my website due to no time off what so ever! Spring has finally arrived with my new best friend, forgetmenot colorama! Eva is so gorgeous too of course.

Photographer Julia Kennedy
Stylist Gemma Hayward
Hair Lisa Laudat
Make up Jose Bass
Model Eva Manticova